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Quality Matters

In 2019 Open Circle Community Arts was evaluated by an external body – Quality Matters. The review of Open Circle carried out involved all stakeholders but placed a primary focus on the experiences of the participants and artists. The review focussed on both data collection and qualitative feedback by way of surveys, meetings and case studies and culminated in a comprehensive report. If you are interested in viewing the full report, please contact .

In summary it found that Open Circle Community Arts makes a positive difference to the women who participate. See for yourself below

“I really enjoyed the whole experience; however, my favourite components were the workshops. They gave structure which allowed for both learning from the facilitator and also experiencing meaningful group learning and interaction”.
“I think the fact we have a number of different facilitators helped create the change. Each facilitator offered different learning opportunities and methods…The wealth of experience and learning our facilitators brought with them and were quite happy to share undoubtedly set the tone for such change to happen”.
“I feel like I made a change in my own perspective. I am not afraid to be a beginner again. I explored more mediums without an emphasis on the outcome, which I liked. I was surprised how I was able to play “.
“To have that once a week social aspect as a new mom was a godsend. It was the only art that I did during that time”.
“I feel like it carried me through a period where I needed it most. It really was an Open Circle. It carried me through to the next place where I needed to be, and it provided me with lifelong contacts. “
“I made some friends that I am still friends with now, even with the tutors. I met some lovely people. We keep in touch at least on Facebook and talk when we see each other on the street. I consider them my friends”.
“Without a shadow of the doubt I got more confidence from participating in Open Circle not just with art but generally, before I wouldn’t have even participated in this interview but here I am talking with you”.