Culture Night 2016


During the summer Open Circle ran an exciting outreach programme, The Sewcialising Project. This consisted of four workshops where our relationship with our clothes was investigated, through open discussion about the clothes we choose to wear, where they come from and where they end up.  The series of workshops explored the making of clothes through re-designing, repairing and mending.  The techniques of Shibori, Darning, Sashiko and redesign were investigated by the women attending the workshops giving them the opportunity to learn the embroidery technique of Sashiko, repair their denim clothing, redesign a shirt and dye clothing using the traditional art of Shibori

Culture Night provided an ideal opportunity for the Open Circle to open its doors to the wider community and showcase the Open Circle Art space and extend the Sewcialising project to the general public. We offered short taster workshops on denim repair and displayed work and photographs from The Sewcialising Project