Hospitality – Monica Flynn



Visual Artist Monica Flynn received a Phase One Research and Development grant as part of CREATES Artist in the Community Scheme. Monica spent 6 weeks working with a small group of woman from Kilkenny exploring the theme of Hospitality.

Please read Monica’s inspiration for this project.

In Ireland our tradition of hosting and welcome is a matter of pride yet as we’ve become more culturally diverse this notion of ourselves is put to the test and our custom is in vast contrast to the law which governs the right to enter and remain in Ireland. The sharing of food and drink with guests creates social bonds and a guest accepts hospitality with the caveat that he or she comes peacefully into the hosts home. Equally the host in offering hospitality offers an invitation toward onward friendly relations.

Monica Flynn is particularly interested in how female identity is threaded through with rituals of hospitality, food preparation, presentation and sharing of food and the cherishing of precious household heirlooms or favoured kitchen tools. Hospitality is also a domain where the bonds between mothers, daughters and female friends develop and family custom is shared in the making of particular recipes, the manner and tradition of receiving guests and the celebration of important life events.

Monica Flynn

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The last session of the  Hospitality project  was celebrated with a communal meal of foods from Ireland, Sudan, Congo, Spain, Greece and Syria.
















This project was kindly supported by
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